About Us

FindACase™ is designed to be used by non-lawyers, small businesses, pro-se litigants, part-time lawyers, schools, colleges, libraries, publications, and activists for legal research across a wide range of topics and jurisdictions. FindACase™ is a product of VersusLaw, Inc. and uses the same powerful search engine and extensive libraries.

Documents available on FindACase™ are intended for research purposes only. As such, they do not contain certain elements such as the citation or docket number of the displayed case. You can FIND a document using a citation or a docket number, but those elements will not be displayed when you pull the document up.

If you want the footnotes, citation and docket number of any case you have retrieved, you may purchase a complete version of the document by selecting the "Buy This Document" button. Each complete case is currently available for $7.95.

If you have ongoing research needs, please consider VersusLaw, which offers more advanced legal research tools with very reasonable monthly subscription rates.